Heritage jelly, not to be sniffed at.

Wandering around an antique type of warehouse in some old industrial buildings today in Elsecar, it’s in the Heritage Centre and look at what I found. I bought none of these, after all what am I going to do with cuckoo snuff. Like the bird it’s an endangered species if not extinct these days, but there is a tin of it in South Yorkshire. If that does not suit then try something made from cow’s heels. Invalid Jelly, what a find, I wonder what you did with it? Smear it on the affected parts or eat it. Not exactly pc in these vegetarian infected times. Or am I being a bit of a heel.

Dinky toys were part of my growing up but where they went to is a bit of a mystery, I suspect my brother has them. We never kept the boxes of course but that is exactly what we should have done. This one is a model of a van my good friend Gordon and I used once on a road trip to Snowdonia. I suspect that this one is in better condition than the model we used to get to Wales via M1 from London, then across country to find the M6 from around Cannock. The motorways were not joined together in the early 70s. A large transport caff in the Cannock area gap was a resting place on the journey. Tea supplied in pint mugs.

The van had a gear change on the steering column, and brakes that were non compliant, that is they had nothing much left to give in the brake pad department. If we had been stopped I’ve no doubt we’d have been carted off to the local nick, but the constabulary chose a ‘best to ignore them’ approach. As we barely got above 40 mph it was probably deemed a risk worth taking.

It’s somewhat sobering to see items in an antiques place that were common to us in years gone by, the trim phone, never a favourite of mine, I preferred a big red phone with a dial. My mother thought herself the epitome of style with the latest trimphone: much more delicate.

If you do happen to be in South Yorkshire then take a trip to Elsecar, the Heritage Centre there has loads of stuff to see. Barnsley Council Museum department should also give themselves a massive pat on the back. Their video of the area where they have digitally recreated what it would have looked like in its industrial heyday is first rate. You can see it on You Tube right here. Using stills from the movie they have put information boards in place at various points on walks in the canal area. The image below being from one of them. It’s altogether a superb piece of work.

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