Spot the join.

I call this Robin’s drawing, as it’s from a fine photo from my good friend Robin. Black and white ink drawing done some time ago now, certainly pre lockdown. I’m not sure exactly where it is but somewhere on the Cotswolds. There’s grey pastel added and one attempt at the sky was done again and the drawing glued together again. Cut out the old sky with a scalpel and transplanted the new one, with the help of today’s version of cow gum. So you should be able to see the join. It was also scanned in sections and joined together, so you can also see the joins there in places.

What this does is it gives me a lot of photoshop remedial work. I quite like it as it is (apart from the scanning joins, which I can eliminate by taking a decent photo of the thing instead of putting on my scanner )

What to do next? Apart from showing it to all and sundry like this. I might have a go at doing it in colour, but then again, I might not.

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