Holiday fun, would it were so simple!

BofB holidaysHaving just returned from a holiday abroad to a job about how holidays used to be, here’s my rough idea for a piece on British hols.It happened now and again, the sun shone on this country and instead of going pink abroad we managed to go pink on our own shores.Occasionally one could spot a ‘dad’ contentedly bathing his lily-white feet in the almost warm English seas, whilst the recommended protection of a large white knotted hankie kept his head protected from the English rare sunshine. Shorts of course were never worn, what on earth was wrong with just rolling up those strong serge trousers that serve him so well for the rest of the year. In those days no such thing as an ‘active waist’ style trouser. Braces fro comfort and belt just in case. Active waist…for heavens sake!

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