Holiday fun, version 2. Where’s the string vest then?

bofb seasideweb

Publishing Version 1 resulted in a message about our holidaymakers string vest.I replied that it was, of course, under the very thick shirt that he always wears for his hols. Revelation of same would only occur in the event of temperatures in excess of 80 degrees.Rolling up the trouser and the sturdy shirtsleeve precluded any fancy ideas about wearing shorts.

Ice cream came in one flavour: vanilla, and was normally sandwiched between two very thin layers of what appeared to be very thin insulation board, but was actually called wafer.
My brother had a job selling such ice cream and lollies and was asked by a small child ” How much is a tuppeny lolly?” A born salesman he replied that they were sixpence, it’s no coincidence that he is now an antique dealer.


Here’s another of my very early blogs on the subject of holiday fun. With the onset of a huge increase in the cost of power are we likely to go back to people wearing vests, even at the beach, as well as the rebirth of the overcoat the size of a Berber tent and as thick as a shag pile carpet? Perhaps braces will come back into fashion with the security it gives to the wearer that their fully lined trousers will stay up. Waists will be were they should be ( though hidden by a fair old paunch )and the the invention of the Dagenham Cleavage will be a memory.

For the uninitiated: a Dagenham Cleavage is evidence of a hairy backside of a workman/plumber. A sight to be avoided.

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