Some missing persons…


I did a book. It took some time.
I did not write it myself, in fact I wrote none of the golden words therein.
They are all hand crafted by writer Gordon Thorburn

I had a hand in the idea, and I did all the drawings.

I’m going to let you take a look at it from these pages over the next few weeks and,like a lot of drawings , they sometimes work better with words.
In this particular case they look lost without them.

Mr Thorburn is responsible for a lot of words over the years, including a book about sheds.
Men and Sheds was a great success and is available still on Amazon, or good local bookshops.

Our book is about people, people who we think have gone astray, or are now simply extinct.
We remember them with some fondness.

If you want a copy of the book there are 30 left from the print run and am happy to part with them for a  mere £10-00 plus massive postal and packing charges.

Read on!



Who’s next for extinction?

The types of people you saw every day only thirty years ago, are going missing. Due to aggressive, often imported competitors, cultural and material changes to habitats, shrinking feeding grounds and breaks in the reproductive chain, their fate is sealed.

Some may continue to eke out a secret existence in pathetically reduced circumstances. Some may stoutly resist and rebel, but in vain.

mp coverforweb

The ghastly truth and whose fault is it?

Our book describes those types of homo sapiens which flourished in the Age of Common Sense, when bottles of milk had cream on the top.

In those golden days, the term Marketing meant going daily to the butcher’s, the baker’s and the greengrocer’s; Accountancy meant keeping the score; Political Correctness meant voting for the Conservative Party; and Technology was a fountain pen which didn’t leak when you flew in a Vickers Viscount.

Since these four Forces of the Apocalypse have taken over, the world has gone mad and the casualties have become unsustainable.

Secondly, in case you, gentle reader, may yourself belong to a threatened strand of humanity, our book suggests ways of Coping Today, in the Age of Nonsense where inferior substitutes cost more than the real thing and the Second Division is called the Championship. Our pointers and parables will bolster your struggle against absorption.

So, brace up. You don’t have to wear a baseball cap. You need never get Digital VD. You can eat butter. You can have funerals rather than Cremation and Interment Solutions. But for how long? Alas and lack a day, it is already too late for some.




Look out for our first missing person next week.


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