Leaf blower man returns…

leafblowerWe live in a town which is blessed by many trees, many large trees with lots of leaves.

They are starting to drop and collect in the road. The local council will be clearing these leaves and have recently started to do so, first with the advance ‘guard’ of leaf blower man.Fully kitted out with what appears to be and sounds like a small motorbike on his back, he advances down the road blowing the leaves from his manufactured wind, into the road. Off the pavement and into the road. This is so that he can be followed by leaf collector man in his fancy leaf collecting truck complete with round brushes and large capacity to hold the offending detritus.

But there’s a gap.

Leaf collecting truck follows leaf blower man only after an interval of a few days. This means that natural wind sends the leaves back onto the pavement away from leaf collecting truck.

It also means that the leaves in the road get ‘moshed’ ( technical term meaning: broken up into quite fine particles of leaves )

This ‘mosh’ jams leaf collecting truck at regular intervals, leaving leaf collecting man not knowing quite what to do.

In days of yore, when these trees did the same.The council sent around a gang of men with brushes, who would sweep the leaves up, put them into the back of a truck to be taken away for composting. They spent no money on small motorbike-like attachments, and no money on fancy leaf collecting trucks with round brushes that jam at the sight of ‘mosh’.

It was quieter and better.


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