Hanging pictures and a great day out.


All the effort of the past months that my wife, Elisabeth Le Vierge has put into creating some really super paintings has come to fruition in an exhibition with other talented artists at the Garron Centre in beautiful Herefordshire.


The centre is taking part in h-Art and Elisabeth is one of the guest artists.She’s been working on these for quite a while and it was great to travel to such a lovely part of the country to hang them in this brilliant venue.She’s exhibiting with quite a number of other artists at the centre and it’s on until this coming Sunday. It’s a great mix of talents and the work is varied and ( unlike my cartoons! ) colourful.


I’ve had visits to this site in the past few weeks from Canada, the USA and a number of South American countries. Now some of you people out there might never ever have heard of Herefordshire, but believe me it is, when the sun shines and at this time of the year, one of the most beautiful places in the UK.

The exhibition on at the Garron Centre is actually attached to a small church in the middle of this rural hamlet which is spread out over quite a few miles. One would be forgiven for thinking that no-one would come to see art in an area like this, but the reverse is true.The people of Herefordshire seem to like their art and flock into the centre.




Take a look at her website for more info on her work.


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