Rare breed spotted in Hackney


This is a very rare breed that does not seem to exist in Cheltenham but seems to thrive in Hackney in East London. “Man with Brush” used to exist in large numbers countrywide, with the country versions as well as the town breeds having areas to look after day in and day out. The result as illustrated here is a clean street. “Mother bird” collects the assembled droppings collected by “Man with”, as it is termed in shortened version. In many areas “Man with” has been dispensed with. The result is that droppings are left in corners where “Mother bird” cannot reach or can’t be arsed.

It is rare to see “Man with” and Mother bird” operating as successfully as these two seemed to be doing in Hackney and all credit to Hackney Borough Council for their visionary breeding programme. Love Clean Hackney

It would seem that the “Man with” has been reintroduced in the Hackney area and it is hoped, that it will breed successfully and will result in fewer visible droppings countrywide.

I managed to get this grainy shot this morning, so to illustrate the breed in full high vis plumage here’s a drawing so that you too can spot one, hopefully in your area in the coming year.


4 thoughts on “Rare breed spotted in Hackney

  1. I stand awkwardly on this… if people didn’t litter there would be no need for ‘man-with’ thus robbing honest john of a job…but I am irked by clueless oinks who are apparently unaware of the issue that sees Britain as a tip.
    Leave alone the birds that are ritualistcly slaughted for pleasure at this time of year and turn the guns on litter louts for significent reward. Imagine the open Land Rover trawling the High Street guns at the ready sipping from hip flasks shouting Tally Ho!
    Happy New Year Paul

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