Long trip…


There must be someone in the local council, or is it the County Council, who’s keen on cycling as they have approved another record breaking short cycle route right here. This one goes from where I was standing for the photo to that carefully placed double white line where any cyclist must give way to ‘traffic’ from the right. By the time whoever has got on their bike they will be braking to stop at the other end. It’s unlikely that the wheel will go full circle. A fine example of the idiocy of local government when they spend money on getting some poor chap to paint the road and draw a bike , so that no-one is in any doubt that this is a bike lane. They could have spent the money on street cleaning, man with brush type thing, so that we don’t break our necks on the leaves and fag ends left in the road.

Stand up whoever is responsible, Gloucestershire County Council look after the highways and Cheltenham Borough Council look after the street cleaning, neither of them covering themselves with glory here. Plonkers!


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