4 thoughts on “Fritillary

    1. or they could be given differnt meanings, fritillary: the act of dancing to a gentle folk song at the end of a boozy evening. Mumuration: the sound of people commenting on such a dance, not thoroughly approving and ever so slightly jealous of the parciptants.

  1. Hi Paul .
    Thank for your continuing blog .it is good to feel in touch.
    Our house is up for sale now, in our attempt to de- clutter , we took sam’s canvases to him in London .his children were impressed.
    It was good to see him and his lovely family, we don’t see as much of each other as we would like!

    I enjoyed hearing about your trip to Grease it’s inspiring to see Ros’ work
    I’m sorry to say I haven’t the energy to do much.

    We have had some lovely “Mother’s Day ” events over this wonderful weekend.

    I hope we see you soon .

    Much love to you and Elisabeth, Kenny xx.

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