Miss Frost

I always wanted to work in advertising, I thought it might be glamorous. In the 70’s it was populated by places which had large reception areas and these could be intimitading places. One of the first things that I discovered that the people behind those huge desks were usually women of a certain type. There were exceptions but in my long experience they could usually be termed as “frosty”, and the better looking of them were usually “glacial”.

Saatchi and Saatchi had two or three of them!

To get past them you had to have an appointment and if this was with someone junior then it might be that they had never heard of them. They are a breed that no longer exist very much, having been consigned to history these days by the phone that no-one answers left in reception that simply says “For customer service dial 191 and wait.” You can wait forever.

Here, like much of my drawing work is another drawing that might be called a ‘work in progress’. Why can I not finish anything? I like cooking omlettes as it appears not to be quite cooked egg. It’s a habit I’m trying to break but it’s been years in the making and it’s not something I find that easy.

So here’s another unfinished drawing. I’ll finish this blog properly sometime soon. Honestly, I promise.Receprionist


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