“I invented a dot”.

You meet some funny people in an art gallery. Especially if you are exhibiting and looking after the place which is my present function. It’s like opening a shop in many ways. No one comes for ages then there are loads of people and then none again. Such was today and in came this chap who told me he’s been a picture restorer. He was naturally curious about how I work, so I told him, for those wanting to know more here then go here: Three stages of artwork, is it ever finished? No.

He then proceeds to tell me all about his work and how difficult it is to restore chalk drawings, “they turn to dust, which is what they were in the first place”. He then goes on to tell me about a printing process that he and others invented which culminates in him saying: ” I invented a dot”

Who am I to argue with that. He was fascinating to meet and it’s the first time I’ve ever met anyone who’s invented a dot. “Jolly good egg” as we say over here.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s collection of people.

Exhibition A4sheddism

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