The view from the victoria sponge

view from victoria

It rains a lot in the UK, and in my experience normally on a Bank Holiday or any Sunday when someone has planned an event. I found when I was half way through my drawings for the exhibition that I seemed to be drawing a lot of rain. Pont did a lot of rain too: That’s me talking about cartoons on the radio!

I have drawn sunshine too and when it does shine there are few places to compare with Great Britain.


Today the sun has come out and I’m on the last few days of the exhibition, which as many of you will know is about the British, as well as a small diversion into Apt names, like these two here. The one on the right bears a striking resemblance to my brother who is an antique dealer and was well known for wearing an antique flying jacket. He’s probably still got it. I recall also seeing a small aeroplane hanging from the ceiling of his shop once.

Yesterday a chap came in and introduced himself as Cliff Lane. I suppose he might be a retired lighthouse keeper?


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