Cartoons with a musical accompaniment…

This video doesn’t exist

My chum Robin and his fellow songsters: The Gloucester Diamonds ( Their Facebook Page ) came along yesterday to entertain the visitors to my exhibition and a few random passers by, here in Cheltenham. This is just a short clip of the rendition and I was not the only one to thoroughly enjoy it. An apt song about John Bull for my show about the British Character.

Two more days to go before I wrap it all up and pack it away. I’m looking now for other venues for it, perhaps somewhere up north would be good. Wigan would be a favourite as I spent much of my youth around that area. Perhaps we could have it on the end of Wigan Pier? Maybe not.

My father moved around with his work and we lived in loads of Lancashire towns, I have fond memories of all of them but Wigan has to be favourite. Perhaps it’s the pies.

For more information about the show you could listen to me drone on about it from here:  That’s me talking about cartoons on the radio!


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