First of a new series…

I’m going to be doing a series of these for Cotswold Life magazine, which will be fun. This is the first. I’m sure you will know similar breeds in your area, but this particular one is very prevalent around the Kingsholm area of Gloucester and will soon be arriving in large numbers after their summer break.


Cotswold Wild no1

For those of an interested nature here’s the rough version:


3 thoughts on “First of a new series…

  1. Oh yes, I know the sort! By the way, we were supposed to get the shirts yesterday but they were inexplicably delayed. Hmph! I’m sure they will be along soon. I wanted to let you know we haven’t forgotten about you!

  2. This series all the result of my exhibition with other interesting projects in the offing that will keep me off the streets in the winter. None likely to go far to pay for the new super yacht, but hey ho! No rush with the shirt, I have others!

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