There it was, gone!

Battle for the chair

This was the last of my exhibition drawings to sell as the event ended yesterday. I much enjoyed the week and hearing people chortling here and there was the icing on the cake. Having exhibitions is new to me and I’m hoping to take this one: The British Character, on to other venues. Hopefully next year and hopefully in another part of the country.

Big thanks to all the people who visited, bought, or just looked and laughed.

To see how the week went then take a look at these links:

Last day of the show.

Cartoons with a musical accompaniment…

The view from the victoria sponge

“I invented a dot”.

A quick tour of the exhibition.

Me and Seymour Totti

This one’s in the exhibition…

And to learn a bit more about ‘Pont’ who was the initial inspiration to the show then take a look right here: Pont: Graham Laidler, and the British Character


I’m going to take a short break from blogging now, perhaps a week or so, when I’ll be back as usual droning on about all sorts as usual stuff. Thanks too to all those people who have visited this site over the past and in effect visited my show online. Here’s a tine from the Gloucester Diamonds who came along an serenaded the odd passing person on the Sunday. Big thanks to them too, once more.

This video doesn’t exist

The Gloucester Diamonds Facebook Page

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