3 thoughts on “Cleartop metal

  1. Hi Paul, Love your haircuts. They’re great. Hope they’re pulling in a bit of income for you. What a cool site. I’m gob smacked by the amount of stuff they’re carrying. You did me and my beards at various lengths years ago. I’ve still got the drawings. Better not put me on a t- shirt though. Just might frighten the grandkids. We must manage a get together before we get to far into 2018!!!

    Cheers and regards, Paul

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    1. I would like to think they did generate some income, but they don’t! A recent exhibition here in Cheltenham did quite well but the on-line stuff is there for fun, and just in case someone feels inclined to fund my drawing habit. It keeps me off the streets and bothering people.
      I’m up in London quite a lot more these days with the incentive of the twin grandchildren, so lets get together.

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