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I’d like to plant this idea please.

Cheltenham Borough Council have caused a bit of a “who-ha” by suggesting that they abandon their current very expensive method of planting some of their flower beds with bedding plants each season and using a more sustainable and economic way of planting.

They have explained it as below, but I fear they are fighting the boring old fuddy-duddies who won’t change anything, least of all their dreadfully wasteful way of planting and then watering these blooming things.

The Fuddies have got up a petition to keep it as it is,. I’ve signed for change to the new way of doing things and hope that you might help. It’s a bit of an uphill battle as Cheltenham is awash with Fuddies, and they have a lot of signatures.

The system is not helped by the fact that one has to register with the Council in order to sign, but please persist and look out for a page like this.

Please sign for change. Let’s spend the money they save on more worthwhile and urgent services.

Those Green People on the Council


Cheltenham Planting

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