I hope the finals will have the same energy.

Three roughs here of work for Cotswold Life Magazine. I’m doing a series called Cotswold Wild Life and these are some of the creatures in it. One tends to do the first rough without really being overly concerned if it works or not and then the secret, if it is one, is perhaps to try and keep it with the same energy as the rough.

Miserable Farmers do inhabit the Cotswolds, they probably inhabit everywhere but tend to keep a low profile. I’ll publish the final drawing for this when it’s been published.

Old Farmer499

My Lord and Lady are rarely seen out of doors but if they do venture forth then you can be sure they will have the dogs with them. This rough may be changed for the final, I may put them indoors!


And last but not least for this series. The Lycracycla. How is it that people who are as thin as a pin and fit as a butcher’s dog, put themselves through such exercise as running marathons and cycling. Around here they tend to flock on Sunday mornings when they can avoid too many buses and heavy lorries. They even have cameras on their heads to record their own torture.


All three of these will be published in due course in Cotswold Life Magazine but there are no spoilers here as they are unlikely to look quite like this. Hopefully, they will have the same ‘feel’.

They make a change from Haircuts.


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