Should we have bought a lottery ticket?

Sun was shining throughout the day and the planned walk was started. The light was amazing and the walk relatively easy apart from the mud underfoot. I’d like to tell you where we went but shall not! I’d like it to remain as undiscovered as it is today. I’ve known the area for years having lived there for fourteen or so, some years ago. I know the routes and the walks. today it looked at it’s very best. In the Spring this area is full of wild flowers and as far as I know, has never had any chemicals near it. Orchids, amongst them the Bee Orchid have been seen, by me, in the area. The woods are a treat and today they put on a special winter show for us, showering us with leaves and the delicate sound of them making their way to leaf mold heaven. I don’t remember ever witnessing a day so beautiful in these woods, the combination of light and sound was simply stunning.

I was with my chum Robin who I prevail upon, now and again, to let us have a little tune to liven up my little films. Here’s today’s offering.

The plan was to finish in a nearby tea room for a light lunch or at least a coffee. Before getting out of Mr Robin’s magnificent motor, I opined that we perhaps should have bought a lottery ticket. Everything was going so well. The cafe turned us away, being full of hungry lunchers and reserved tables. Moping away we muttered about the folly of gambling.

Fortunes were restored at a Nursery on the way home, where they have converted one of their greenhouses into a cafe. Off the beaten track, it was not likely to have a surfeit of lunchers. It hadn’t, and we lunched liesurely, before a return to base.

Perhaps a scratch card might suffice, after all, you have to be in it to win it. Good day Sir!

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