Time to do this again…




Time to re-publish this which applies very well now. Any book about a Royal or even by one should be turned at the first opportunity.
I first published this some years ago but it’s good for now. Turn them!



As we approach the bookbuying season it’s time to remind you to be a revolutionary. Publishers are notorious for churning out the most appalling rubbish in the hope that someone will buy it for Christmas for an unsuspecting friend or relative. Those books by celebs are the very worst. My late father had his own revolutionary way of dealing with it, and getting his own back, by simply turning the book on the shelf. Turning it upside down at the same time helps even more.

Anything by a politician about him or herself with the title that sounds like it’s been a struggle is fair game. All books that are meant to have been written by a footballer.

Turn anything about Donald Trump. The same applies to any cookery books that have the words ‘made easy’ in the title.

The same applies to any cookery books that have the words ‘made easy’ in the title.

Children’s books by TV stars. Turn all of them ( Apart from those by David Walliams, his are quite good ).

Leave any books about gardening as they are.

Every single book that has the words ‘Self-Help’ in the title. If you could self-help, you would and would not need a book. Turn them.

All turning must be done in large bookshops owned by conglomerates, independents are excluded from the hit list. As are charity bookshops which will be waiting for the turned books early in the New Year.

Vive la Revolution!


4 thoughts on “Time to do this again…

  1. As you can see, I’ve already turned myself on the head so book turning should be no problem. Unfortunately the less savoury parts of myself are visible but I shall do the job properly with the books and turn them around to hide the ugly.
    I’m in.

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