Ready, steady, go!



Another sequence of drawings showing how I get here. First rough, second and final line work. The story, by my chum Gordon Thorburn, features a battle and this scene describes how one army manages to pin down another. Some accurate shooting required of course. The finals will be on view when the story is fully published on here in due course. Although the third drawing is the start of the final, it has to be tweaked a little before it’s fully ready. I’ll add half-tone with pastels and my fingers! It can be a bit of a messy business but is literally hands on. Went out to buy another small scrubbing brush to wash my fingers after this is done today. It can be done digitally of course, but it’s much more satisfying to do it by hand, rather than staring at a screen. Some of the drawings have just a small amount of half-tone, but others, like night time drawings make a big mess and are a lot of fun to do. They change the whole thing around! I’ll show you later.




2 thoughts on “Ready, steady, go!

  1. How kind of you. I’ve gone back to making the drawings like I did many years ago when I first found my way, avoiding any more diversions. Though I do clean them up a little in photoshop when they are eventually “finished” or to me more accurate, when I stop.Cheers!

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