China black!


Another in the series of “Heritage Drawing Methods”. This one is quite simple and just about how I sometimes use chinagraph pencils over the top of linework. It’s very quick and can be quite effective. The line drawing done on layout paper is then glued to 300 gsm uncoated white board and then the half tome added. I then scan the drawing at 600dpi and the digital part of this work can go from there.

This series is simply about getting it to that stage.

Like all the drawings in this series this one is about Cotswold Wildlife and will eventually appear in Cotswold Life magazine. It will eventually be available as a print from here.

The text for this one is as follows:

Chucksbry Cryer ( Bellus bellendo )

One would expect the breed to be exceptionally rare, but it does advertise itself very loudly with a loud bell sound. This one only seen in Tewkesbury, usually on festive days. Fortunately, it is unlikely that there are any breeding pairs. Plumage is bright and noticeable from some distance but one is advised not to get too close as the sounds it emits can bring on early onset tinnitus.

It is understoood that other towns and cities in the area might have single species, Gloucester’s is said to be particularly large specimen that goes under a different name.

Male call: “Oh yez, oh yez!” Repeated often with very loud bell sound.

Female: No known sightings by myself, but this could change


This drawing is also done just with chinagraph halftone. Here’s the text for this one:

Greater and Lesser Sheddist ( Creasote Creasotis )

Rarely seen anywhere outside the confines of allotments and some less formal gardens ( Formal gardens have them but they are secreted behind screening and can be difficult to find ) Breeds: there is some dispute which is the greater and which is the lesser – the male or the female. The female nest tends to be cleaner and more organised, the males nest is never painted in any other colour other than black or brown ) Females nests have lately been seen in subtle shades of blue.

Anyone using what was once a Shepherd’s Hut is not a sheddist, unless they use it for the birth of lambs.

Plumage: Both have a tendency to bobbly hats 

Call: A contented low volume contented whistle


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