Complete white out?

The application of paint!

The little video here shows this drawing without the half tone added here and before the paint has been applied here and there. So the version below is almost the final thingy. It’s one of my series on Cotswold Wildlife for Cotswold Life magazine and will appear there in due course. I’ve added the text so that you can hopefully see the sense of it.

Once the line work is complete, then I generally add and amend with a bit of this paint, which will obliterate almost any marks.

This and all my methods are not necessarily the received way of doing things, they are just my own way. I hope you enjoy the series.offgridder web

Off-Gridder ( Yurtus yurtei ) 

Extremely shy rare breed, sometimes mistaken for a Greater Stroudie. Frequents woodlands, and once seen rarely forgotten.Gives of a rare perfume, female fragrance a little like patchouli, male a mixture of patchouli and woodsmoke. Male has a tendency to be very hairy and stout whereas the female may well be very thin and beady. Tatoos may be evident on either.

Call: “Warrayawant?” is the male call. Female tends to repeat the word “Cool” so can sound like a pigeon.

3 thoughts on “Complete white out?

  1. That’s a tipi you’ve drawn there, not a yurt 😉 (We just got back from a holiday in a yurt. Cool!)

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