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So here’s the drawing after it’s been mounted on to card and had some half-tone added.In this instance the half tones are soft pastel, though I do use chinagraph pencils sometimes. There will be a video about each of these. All the hand work is now done and it’s a digital file where it can be cleaned up and faffed with for evermore.For the techies around I scan at 600 dpi on a flat bed scanner but have sometimes been known to photograph larger drawings so that I don’t have to then stitch them together in photoshop.

As with all the drawings featured in this “Heritage Drawing Methods Series” as someone called them on Facebook, the finals will appear in Cotswold Life sometime in the future and are available as prints from here.

This little video is just about gum and the modern replacement for Cow Gum. Beware it can get messy, and if you do use this stuff, then please keep a window open and plenty of ventilation as the fumes can, I’m sure, make you speak in ‘voices’.

Be careful out there, art is a dangerous business.


Others in the series can be found here:

Coming soon, a series of the inner workings…

and here

Number 1: How did I get here?


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