Meanwhile back at the drawing board…

I’m a big fan of walking and walking holidays, even though one has to get up at some ungodly hour and have to deal with plane food. But it needs organization and commitment from the people who are there to look after you.

The two people who looked after us were just brilliant. Misa, that’s a name pronounced Misha to us, and Stefan were knowledgeable and good humoured throughout. Misa drove us safely for miles and miles to get to the places where we would walk, and then did the walking with us. Stefan helped, and entertained us along the way.

We were lucky in many respects as the business was started by Misa, some twenty years ago, so we got the boss to take us on our hols! No wonder it’s a successful business.

Montenegro is not expensive, meals were solid and there was never a hint of Big plate, small food…Despite all the calories we used on the walks I doubt that we lost a single ounce. The lunch on the top of the mountain was probably the best we had there, I think we rolled down afterwards.

The Montenegran people we met there were very friendly and helpful, and at least two of them ( not the guides! ) expressed a preference to the British over the French, and who can blame them? Pas moi!

Our companion walkers: Very British Tony and his lovely wife Primrose, were the epitome of a class of people who I’ve rarely encountered. Quintessentially British, and what people of their sort might term: “Jolly Good Eggs”. We got on like a small country estate on fire. Super! I’ve never encountered people who actually say “dhaarling” before. Tony also supplied incentive, if Tony was going to do it, then so was I.

Take a look at this site here, for more about Misa and his brother’s business.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my trip from here. Back to the serious business of cartoons next, or perhaps we’ll have a break from my ramblings.


The Misa Mark II Automatic Holiday Guide with added Stefan download.

Misa markone783

The latest addition to the holiday guide software and hardware range, this model negotiates tough terrain and comes with in-built optimism that almost any group of out of date ramblers can negotiate tough terrain. Built to look like a rucksack, it is the very essence of sophistication with a steady supply of food and drink for all of the attached ramblers. Able to use the very latest translation software built in with what is called “local knowledge”. 

Upgraded to use the very latest software, it comes with the benefit of the “Stefan Banana Software Plug in“. This enables the ramblers and guides to walk further than they otherwise would choose to, provided that the “Stefan” is well bananared.”

It is believed that a mac version is being developed for inclement weather, however, the Mark II Misa Model models recently tested proved to be largely unaffected by conditions such as rain and itinerant Japanese tourists, or even the odd traffic policeman.

Recent tests in Montenegro have proved very successful. Ramblers were said to be more than satisfied with the results they got from these, the very latest, in holiday software.




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