What does 50 years of marriage do to a chap? Don’t ask me, ask him!


I went to his wedding all those years ago and I’ve seen him quite often ever since. We shared ‘accommodation’ in Manchester at Art College. My memory of him in Manchester is him turning up on the first day in a black and white checked jacket and red trousers!

I helped him and his new wife Eileen to move to Kent after our time in Manchester, I drove the truck carrying him and his belongings and furniture on the condition that we skirt the Centre of London This was years before the M25! As we approached Baker Street I turned to him ( the map reader ) and asked: “which part of the outskirts of London is this then?”. We got there and unloaded and his Mum made me at least seven cups of tea.

He had a career in advertising, a very successful career, working for some of the top London ad agencies and winning awards and kudos. He’s an enthusiast and you can’t ever knock an enthusiast. He and Eileen have been married for 50 years, and he’s still an enthusiast.

We were invited to the celebration in Kent tomorrow, but I was fearful of ending up in Baker Street again and demanding another seven cups of tea. The drawing of him above is of him in Manchester all those years ago, and the one below is of him again quite recently. He’s not changed much. Happy Anniversary Paul and Eileen!



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