line shedsfinal

Here’s another drawing from my recent selection of ‘proper drawings’ It’s actually a view from my allotment plot. The original photo was taken some years ago as I was just in the process of ‘restoring’my patch from some previous neglect. There’s no big story here, it’s just a drawing of some sheds.

There’s work to do here, both in the drawings and on the plot.

Here’s the original photo.



  1. Hi Paul,
    I’ve enjoyed your series of “proper drawings”
    Wish I could draw as well as you!
    I particularly liked the poppy field hope they all work out and that you post the completed images.

    Love Eileen X

    Sent from my iPad

    • I seem to remember that you can, it’s odd is it not, that the ones you might have doubts in are liked by more people than you would expect. I was in two minds about posting the poppies.
      Hope you are well and enjoying the warm weather. Hope we’ll see you soon xx

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