I’d rather be…


Off I go for a haircut. One of those days where you think things might go well, but the signs are that all is not well. Subdued barber, lady barber that is, she obviously thought she’d rather be doing something else than mowing my head. Very pleasant, but not a lot of “connection”. The usual opener ” Got a lot on today?” I suppose it’s better than the dentist in that their questions and what I call “dental gibbering” can rarely be answered when they have all thier metalwork and suction pumps in the answer box.

Then a thought occured, I’ll pop in to that stationers place after being mowed. It’s a little shop, a bit of an offshoot for a local print firm. They can sell me some more card for my drawings and it will be tremedous. “Misery Guts” at the desk did not look that pleased to see me, and when I asked if he had such a thing as an elastic band to wrap my purchase, threw one at me. I guess he’d rather be behind a glass of beer grumbling about the state of the nation. Not a glimmer of a smile or a good morning from him.

I’d rather have been an art director working for a massive advertising agency in the early Seventies than a cartoonist. I’d rather be on my allotment than here. So I’m off!


Later that same day…

Meantime another place I’d rather be. This is near Chedworth in the Cotswolds and memories of a brilliant day walking and talking with my friend Robin. The drawing at the top is the first brushwork for my rendition of this to come. More of these will follow.

Robin would always rather be singing, and I’d always rather be drawing than almost anything else.

#Folksinging #Cotswolds #Drawing #Printmaking #Haircuts #Miserablepeople



2 thoughts on “I’d rather be…

  1. I always wonder how so many misery guts end up in jobs where they deal directly with the public they obviously despise!! Thank cripes for the singing Robins of this world. Great post Paul!

  2. I can’t pretend to be the most cheerful man on the planet, and to be fair, some people think my resting face looks bloody miserable, but yesterday’s bloke did win the misery medal. Thanks for your kind comments.

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