I’m glad I’m only watching.


A weekend of rugby on the telly, and am constantly amazed that they get to the end of a game in one piece. I used to play many years ago, generally very badly, a standard in all sports that I tried to maintian at all times, though I was really not that bad at table tennis.

I thought I ought to carry on playing rugby even when I left school and turned out for a team in suburban North London, where they were desparate for players, so I was a shoe-in! I even carried on playing after breaking my jaw in two places playing for the advertisisng agency I worked for in those days. I inadvertently put my head in the way of an opposing players knee in what was supposed to be a tackle. He went down like a tree and so did I, but he got up and I stayed down.

Six weeks with my jaw wired did wonders for weight loss and creative cooking, eating everything through a straw! I had to buy a liquidiser.

I retired after loosing some fillings in a game three days after having them put there.

This drawing is from some time ago, and sort of illustrates what I thought I should have done in that match at the time.

Hope you all feel ready to tackle another week! Haw, haw!




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