Your pencil’s out of date…

I’m sorry Sir but you’ll need to upgrade to a Wacom super Doopa model to be able to draw any more. You see you upgraded your operating system to Brexit 0.18 from Brexit 0.16, and with this new software you simply can’t operate properly.

” but the curser moves around the map quite easily, but won’t let me draw the line anywehere”

The earlier operating system, which was originally Euro.74 took a while to develop and then was shelved when Brexit 0.16 came along. It seemed popular at the time but having been released it seems that .16 has loads of bugs and fixes needed.

” What sort of bugs?”

Well it promised a lot but delivered very little, a bit like the rail network, Har Har! Then came the Boris. Seemed to come out of nowhere and , if you’ll forgive the pun, put a bit of  a Spaniard in the works, don’t tell them in Gibraltar! 300 million quid a week would be pencilled in for the NHS, but that was fiction too. It was all just a farage of lies.

Then it was hit with the Gove Virus and they both sort of imploded.  A MayFix was put in place and that was about as useful as running through a field of straw chasing a bloody difficult woman. Control Alt Delete. System crashed!

“You’ve lost me here I’ve got the basic system and it seemed to be working well, and then I updated my system and now nothing works as it should do.

Well, let me explain, unlike your average pencil the Wacom Super Brexit Pencil, which you’ve chosen to use, only works on the updated system if you spend a lot of money on a new model. In other words, you can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead! Har!Har! Again! Seriously though, if you want I can send you a link to how deal with this problem just click here


I suppose this all sounds a bit like tea from China: far fetched. I have for some years now used a digital pad or tablet, to draw or retouch my original drawings. It’s been brilliant, no complaints at all. As is my habit I recently updated the operating system on my Mac, after which the Wacom tablet, my trusty digital pencil, lost it’s point. It ceased to function.

I rather like those sites where you can ask for help by what is called chat. So I chatted to Wacom. They politely told me that my pencil would no longer work on my updated Mac, and that I could go back to how things used to be by downscaling my operating system, or go and get the latest Wacom tablet and part with some of my hard earned. My chat went something like the above, but not really.

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