Free Sunglasses with every vote

Ron Galperin is what’s called a ‘Controller’ here in LA.

From what I can gather that means he and his team keep a watch on how the City spends their budgets. He has to get votes to become a ‘Controller’ so in an effort to glean votes here and there he hit on the idea of offering sunglasses.

How do I know this?

Well, we went with the family, to a small gathering at Griffith Park, which was billed as a Harvest Fesitival. Not in a religious way, but just a celebration for the time of year organised by someone who thought it a good idea. It was helped by the reliable weather: hot and sunny. They laid on little stands for people to find out about the area and/or what they did for the City. So there were people pushing hiking trails, some with local beauty products, a beer tent, a few food trucks ( more about these later ) a German band complete with lederhosen singing ‘I love to go a wandering’ and other German classics, and a stand where Ron Galperin was offering information, free sunglasses and lip balm.

Too good to miss for me as I thought I’d left my sunglasses behind in England. Free sunglasses, it could only happen in California. I looked up what he did later on Google.

I wonder if he has to account for the spend on them? Perhaps Boris Johnson could use the idea, rose tinted sunglasses seem to be a vital part of his election effort.

That’s Griffith Park in the backgound

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