Not a Tea Tent in sight.

Ronaldo goes for the liquid nitrogen Ice Cream
Grilled Cheese truck, let’s paint it yellow.
Hot Dog on a hot afternoon, where’s the Victoria Sponge?
Bear and Carer

So there we are on an afternoon out in the Park for the Harvest Festival event, not a tea tent in sight but plenty of all American food and some poor bloke who’s been strong armed into volunteering to be a bear for the kids. It’s 26 degrees and he’s wearing some monster Levi’s and a bear suit. Visibility and health and safety dictate that he needs a carer I suspect. After all we don’t want any crushed kids if Mr Bear keels over in the heat.

Imagine what the job description would be for this thankless task:

“Suitable candidate will be happy to sweat profusely whilst entertains small children from the confines of a bear suit. This is an equal opportunities post, though real bears might prefer to seek less demanding roles. Carer will be supplied by local police department. Renumeration will be in the form of a ready supply of honey. Well developed sense of humour is a bare necessity.”

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