The Gamble House, thanks to all that soap.

This place is worth a visit, it’s in Pasadena and is the former home of the head of the Proctor and Gamble soap empire. It was at first their second home.

The Gamble House

It was a lesson in architectural and other design. Fantastic woodwork and an eye for every detail. Not a thing out of place. What struck me about it most of all was how unbelievably dark it was in the house, which is not really surprising given that it was in the main constructed of dark woods and any painted areas were a dark rose colour.

It followed the principles of the arts and crafts movement that started in the UK, in fact there were exponents of the art in Gloucestershire, our home county, in the forms of Peter Vaals and the Gimson family. The Gimsons specialised in furniture, the architect here specialised in all areas of design for the house including even the light switches.

Find out more here

You won’t be disappointed.

Detail from the front door window
The Front Porch
Lots of Japanese influence here.

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