Bright? It’s almost day-glo.

Huntingdon Park. Pasadena. Very hot day, in the 90s.

This place is big, loads of brilliant gardens and plants to feast the eyes on and in a variety of styles, even a bonsai area if you like that sort of thing.

The light yesterday was to me as bright as you can get it. The colours and the deep blue sky in particular made it feel like technicolour with all the buttons turned full on. This is a well organised place to take a day or even a few days to explore.

And after the gardens there are art galleries to mooch in and a library where you can view original Chaucer volumes as well as seeing the words written by Charles Dickens. Including his signatures which is worryingly similar to Donald Trump’s. Though Dickens chose not to use a Sharpie.

There’s a lot to take in and it has a place where you can take afternoon tea, but with a price of 37.00 dollars per head we swerved past, and headed for the cafeteria area where food and drink was quite reasonably priced and of the usual excellent quality we have found over here. It has to be said that many places don’t have facilities for eating and drinking. Parks are places with very few places where you can get a snack and drink, Griffiths Park which is huge, has one. It’s a good one, but there’s just the one. Others have none at all, not even a man in a van.

We also took a brief look around the art, ancient and modern. I suspect that one day an “artist” will plant a person in as dark blazer and grey flannels to stand by a blank framed piece and the two items will be a “work of art”. Or has it already been done?

Yes, the sky was that colour.
Lush is the word, even on a hot day
Cacti and trees, not many places where you find them like this.
And massive bamboo.
Soup is on the menu, in the art gallery and the cafeteria, where they were serving squash soup with maple syrup. Only in America.

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