“Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom”

As I recall these golden words were spoken by Shirley Conrad, who many years ago, was a doyenne of home making. It’s a phrase that came to mind on today’s visit to the Arts District of Los Angeles to the Hauser and Wirth Galleries.

These first painting were all of a palm tree with Perspex screen in front and these screens as you can see have what looks like a colour blindness test with numbers. The galleries are really brilliant. A wonderful place to exhibit art and photography. I loved these images and there was someone there to explain that each of the Perspex screen are hand painted and the numbers and letters hand drawn. I resisted the urge to say it but heard the phrase at the back of my head: “Life’s too short…”

I was advised that the artists did get help. He needs help!

All hand lettered
The floor is not part of the artwork, but could be.

Then there’s photography

Yes, it seems to be blank. And it is.
This one is not quite blank and is next to the one that is.
Lovely space for photography exhibition, a bit of colour would help.
This is the building, well worth a visit.

After the palm trees we took a brief look at the photography, lovely space,dull photographs. California is all about colour and in here there was none. Sorry, but I simply don’t understand it. I’m thinking of sending them some of my future work, perhaps I’ll send them a bit of exposed roll film and see if my blanks are good enough to be exhibited. Personally I found the exhibit below more interesting. Is it an exhibit or a health and safety feature? Discuss.

Still Life with Sign

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