House 17. Cable Street, London

In a typical Lancashire way my Aunty Winnie, who used to make a massive meat and potato pie for us whenever we moved house, had a way with words. Not unlike the great Hilda Baker who’s , comedy routine was based on getting the words slightly wrong but in an odd sense right. “Those evangelists have been painting the walls near the Town Hall again Dorothy!” Evangelists? Are you sure Winnie? “Yes of course I’m sure,saw it with my own eyes, take my word for it”

The only bit of the word she got right was the “van” and she meant vandals. But the meaning was clear to us and had added meaning. A sort of Winnie bonus.

She would have called this wall above a “muriel”.

I wonder what the people who live in this quite famous Cable Street house think of their “Muriel”, it celebrates East Enders protesting at black shirt fascists in the area on a particular day in 1930 and turned into a bit of a riot. They were so incensed that the fascists were marching through their community that they gave vent to their anger. Almost evangelical about it.

Go to the link above to read all about the mural, it’s actually not a house, but it could have been.

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