House 18. Red house, Ontario.

I doubt that the little red wooden house here still exists. It was in Ontario, Canada, where we went a few years ago and was really the last holiday we had with the kids in tow. Heading north east from Toronto we were looking for the end of a family trail. We did rather underestimate the distances we needed to travel and spent many hours in the hired car. No wonder the kids never wanted to go with us again.

They were also tortured as we got into country areas, by me insisting on stopping at any unusual Canadian barn to take a picture. This was one and the little red house was a bonus. There was another barn on the left of this image, in almost the same state as the one here. I could have spent ages here taking pictures but we’d probably been in the car for some hours already.

It illustrates the sort of pecking order on this farm. The barns were priority, the house an afterthought.

I cannot recall now exactly where this was located, but if anyone in Canada knows it I bet it has an interesting history. So, it’s the red house between two barns. Who lived there? Where is it? What’s the history? I’d love to know.

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