House 19. Ship inspired perhaps?

Looking like a luxury yacht at anchor this place is near Larchmont in Los Angeles. Most of the house around here are in a range of styles from faux Mexican villa to English Country cottage on steroids. This one was quite different, and lovely in its way. Super lines and some clever tree planting.

The blue sky which is quiet normal for around here, sets off the white of the building . I love it.

Probably owned by someone in the media, who only sleeps there. Too busy for the rest of the time earning enough to buy something bigger. The gardener, maid and other workers get the most benefit from it as they have it during the day. If it were mine I’d work from home from the top left room, rather like the captain of the ship. However, there would be little on the horizon, apart from the odd passing car ( this is on a remarkably quiet street for L A ) and people generally don’t walk around this area. After all what’s a car for?

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