This is the first of another series, this time on houses. This one is in my hometown of Cheltenham and although a typically English house, is not really typical of Cheltenham which has many regency houses, both terraces as well as occasionally detached. Detached sounds to me like it’s cast adrift, not wanting to speak.

I used to take a walk past this place and it’s always stuck me as well-loved and with it’s sunny aspect that’s not really surprising. Houses have an aura. I’ve looked at many over the years and lived in quite a few. My parents moved frequently when I was younger, and we’ve moved house quite a lot too. In our moves we’ve looked at loads of places and it is said that one knows within 11 seconds, if you are at all interested. That must be a folk tale surely.

That aside, I have been in houses that emanate good vibes, and the opposite. I’ve been in houses that are , on the surface and the spec, exactly what I would expect to like and come away with the feeling that I would never really want to go back there. I expect this place to be a a good vibe house from the outside at least.

I hope you enjoy the series, it makes a change from sheds and drawings.

I’m going to try and post an art/drawing/cartoon related blog between each house, a sort of infilling.

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