From here to here, a Christmas card journey by truck.

I do a card every year for a local garage who specialise in mending trucks. They are great clients, easily amused by my drawings and very loyal, they come back every year. I thought I’d share the progress of this year’s card.

First of all the boss gets in touch and reminds me that he’d like me to do one again this year. I put my thinking cap on and try not to replicate previous ideas but I have to say that I have done a lot of Santa/Rudolf/Sleigh type drawings in the past.

I sent them a number of ideas and this below shows just a couple of them. The initial reaction was to go for the ‘Emissions’ card, but being democratic they take a vote between them and choose what the majority like. They chose the truck, which I think is the ‘safe’ idea, but the emissions one is funnier to me, but then fart jokes and Christmas might have not gone down too well ( if you get my drift ) amongst some of their customers. Who knows?

The names are the people who work there, these are both first roughs.
This is the one with names finalised and added Rudolf on the back.
This is the final line work with the addition of the Rudolf Fork lift at the back of the truck with scarf and coat.
And this is it finalised in colour, all done digitally these days.

So there you have it, the complete journey. Keep on trucking.

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