House 2. Mafia connections?

It was someone’s sometime, it’s a museum now

This one is in Sicily and is used as the house for the Mafia chief in the Detective TV series Moltalbano. A programme that is popular enough with me for us to take a trip over there a few years ago. We stayed in Ragusa, and hired a car to get us around and see stuff, including this place. The hiring of the car was the bravest part of this as the driving over there was ‘creative’ to say the least, and when it rained one day in the manner of a massive downpour, it got even more ‘creative’ but no less speedy.

Il Castello di Donnafugata is it’s name and has no Mafia connections apart from in fiction.

I can recommend Sicily for more than just the places they film the series. The people are friendly and welcoming apart from when they get behind a steering wheel, in the rain. But they don’t have a lot of that.

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