Leckhampton Hill from the back.

It’s up above Cheltenham and there on the top is the back way to Leckhampton Hill. This is part and just the start of a series of drawings I’m doing of landscapes. They start like this as simple line work and then get the digital treatment from then on. Indian ink on coated board and perhaps a bit of whiting out here and there, but in this case none, this is just the line work. It’s actually quite big drawing, around A2.

I’ve done a few of these now and plan to do more. There’s something very therapeutic about sitting and drawing straight to paper with a simple dip pen and a big bottle of indian ink. I’ve been drawing for many years now so one could say I’ve been in therapy for a long time. The difference here is that it is not a cartoon and that there’s no client on the end of it. The only person who has an opinion on it so far, is me.

I use my ‘alter ego’ as the author of these drawings. Edward Davies sound very crusty and perhaps a little bad tempered, so that’s who does these. Edward is in fact my middle name. I was named after a dear Uncle who was a doctor. I was told that he helped deliver me, so we shook hands at a very early age. He was never bad tempered.

You can see more of my Edward Davies’s work right here or here.

I’ll be adding more of these between houses in the coming posts. Hope you enjoy.

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