Robin and the Cotswold Way

I’m undecided about this drawing, wether to re-work it or to plough on and see what happens with the colour. Robin, my sometime walking companion was checking his phone making sure, no doubt, that we were not lost out there on the Cotswold Way, some months ago. That band of white behind him is a field of oil seed rape. I’m reticent about showing you the original photo as you’d probably prefer it to the drawing.

The location here is on the way from Chipping Campden to Broadway, two places that are popular with tourists wanting to see some typical Cotswold cottages and how the British live. It’s now a bit of a fiction as both places are generally inhabited by merchant bankers who pop down at the weekend. Small cottages change hands for huge sums and are done up to the nines in Farrow and Ball tastefulness that is starting to get a bit sickly. A bit like a cream tea, good tasting but can leave you feeling a little nauseous.

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