House 4. French Modern

This lovely looking modern place overlooks the beach on the West Coast of France in the Charente area. There are a huge number off places in the area that are used just a for few weeks in Summer. I really hope that this is not one of them. This is in a row of rather grand houses of an older style but exudes confidence and I suspect is a little more efficient than the draughty looking neighbours.

I suspect whoever lives here has stylish furniture in a minimalist surrounding with white walls and plain floors with perhaps the odd piece of ‘art’ on the wall here and there. Nothing will be out of place in the ultra modern kitchen and even the toaster will be put away after use and any crumbs will not be evident. There will be no evidence of any cooking whatsoever, apart from in the back garden where there may be one of those gas barbecues.

Any lifestyle magazines will be lined up neatly on the coffee table with ‘coffee table books’ on the shelf underneath. These will be large and in full colour and will never be opened.

Real people would never want to live there.

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