House 12. It’s one of those animated places.

The top floor windows are the eyes and the steps are the open mouth of this modest Californian house in Los Angeles. Standard blue sky helps LA houses look good. I’d have liked to have seen it with the blinds half closed on the top floor to make lazy eyelids, but you can’t have everything, contrary to popular opinion in California, where they seem to think anything is possible. An uplifting but unrealistic view.

Wonder what this place is like inside and if it has one of those cheery “doorbells” which says “Hi there! How are you today?”, in that cheery Californian manner. You are expected always to respond: “I’m good”, which means “I am feeling fine thanks” and not what it does say “I’m a worthy person”.

On second thoughts, replying to a cheery doorbell recording might be considered odd.

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