House 13. Dead centre of the village.

Superbly located in a small village that is almost entirely owned by one family, this place has a fine view over the previous village occupants. It’s right next to the typical English church grounds. There are a few of these almost feudal villages in this area, where the houses are entirely controlled by the local landowner. This particular landlord is quite enlightened having brought very high speed broadband to the village for all to enjoy as well as a central heating works, or should that be a heating works that’s in the centre of the village that works. It’s for everyone and uses wood waste to power it. Not all landlords are quite so enlightened.

It is also surrounded by some of the most stunning countryside that this area has to offer, but you need a car to live there. Buses are not to be seen in the village.

It’s quite near to Whiteway that is in many ways quite the opposite. The other place, was apparently a socialist experiment back in the 1890s but failed due to the idleness of the residents. Or so it was claimed. It was a Tolstoyan community, it seems there was a certain amount of war but not a lot of peace after it was set up.

The houses in Whiteway are not as solidly built, being constructed in some cases out of wood, unlike the one above which is lovely cotswold stone. Fine material but notoriously damp. These places must have been tough to live in without proper heating and insulation, and being on top of the wolds they catch the wind. Which no doubt helped the body count in the next door field. There’s no connection between this and the fact that this is House number 13.

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