House 14. OTT in Carpinteria

This place is North of Los Angeles and I took the photograph on a trip a couple of years ago. The small town of Carpinteria has a few houses and a large wide high street off the main freeway up the L A coast. This is a private house and looks like something out of a film set. I’m not sure if the outside tiles have any function other than decoration but the whole place looked like a brilliantly choreographed production number.

Carpinteria with a few shops and a super little museum prided over by some ladies of great respectability. They seem surprised that we wanted to see inside and had all sorts of local history bits and bobs inside, which they were rightly proud of. This area used to be known for tar digging, I kid you not. Digging tar for roads and other construction must have been the toughest work around. The tar spades which they had at the museum were unbelievably heavy, without the addition of tar. Rather them than me, no ta!

I imagine that whoever lives here wears a lot of pink and looks a little liker Barbara Cartland used to look in her later years. All fluffy and a bit over the top.

Apologies for the mis spelling of the name on the first posting of this, it’s Carpinteria take a trip over there.

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