House 25. On the way to the Old Man

A drawing by way of a change, this house or cottage is on the walk towards the Old Man of Hoy which fit young and slightly barmy people climb to the top of occasionally. Because it’s there I suppose. Still bonkers if you’ve ever seen it, it’s a needle of very high rock off the coast of Orkney.

This place is on the walk to the cliffs that overlook it. I’m not sure if it is occupied but may well be. Peaceful in that there is no road noise here, but plenty of atmosphere with the wind coming off the Atlantic.

The drawing, in common with quite a lot done lately, comes from a photo taken on the trip there. Here’s the black and white line work and the colour version, or to be more correct, one of the colour versions as the colour is applied digitally and there’s the opportunity to do it in all sorts of ways. Therein lies a problem as I feel like changing the thing every time I look at it. So digital files beget other digital babies until the digital population becomes huge. It’s a bit like a virus, no I won’t use the c word in connection with this image, but as I’m likely to be self isolated for a while quite soon I’ll have plenty of time to finish these drawings properly.

I hope everyone out there stays fit and well.

Line version in Indian ink on gloss board.
Colour version after digital intervention

I know it looks warm and inviting which it may well be on one day of the year, so let’s give it the benefit of the doubt. The stark original might be a little more honest. I’ll have to go back and just do it again.

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