Intrigued Bin Men?

My friend Robin and I have been working on an idea where we could say thank you to Coronavirus Heroes who have kept life as near normal as possible for us. The drivers, pickers, posties, small shopkeepers, delivery people and the bin men ( or should one say waste operatives in this politically sensitive time, perhaps we should but I dislike the word operative, so perhaps waste workers would cover it )

We’d like to buy them all a drink but that being impractical we thought perhaps we might just design a mug for them. So we did. We got it printed here in Cheltenham by the Star Centre who care for children with disabilities. They did a fine job.

We bought the boxes for them to go in and had our ‘seed corn’ of 50 mugs. Since then we’ve been looking out for anyone who can perhaps run with the idea, including the Star Centre. They must have their hands full at present, so we’ve decided to put them out to the people we appreciate.

So if you have been given one of these mugs by us, then please know that you have one of a very limited print run of 50. We are still on the look out for anyone who might be able to run with us on this idea. I started giving my own personal collection out today. One of the waste workers said he was ‘intrigued’ as it was still boxed. I hope they like them.

We haven’t bought them a drink but we have a least got them something to have the drinks in. It’s been a very well worth exercise.

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